dis|tem|per1 «dihs TEHM puhr», noun, verb.
1. a) an infectious disease of dogs and other animals, accompanied by fever, a short, dry cough, and weakness. It is caused by a virus and affects chiefly young dogs. b) a serious viral disease of cats; feline enteritis: »

Kittens should get injections to protect them against distemper.

c) a bacterial disease of horses; strangles.
2. a sickness of the mind or body; disorder; disease: »

Of no distemper, of no blast he died (Milton).

3. Figurative. disturbance. SYNONYM(S): disorder, derangement.
[partly verb; partly on analogy of temper1]
to make unbalanced; disturb; disorder: »

... the plight of the decent man in a sorely distempered society (Atlantic).

SYNONYM(S): trouble, vex, upset.
[Middle English destempren mix badly, or derange (the bodily humors) < Old French destemprer < Late Latin distemperāre mix improperly < Latin dis- not + temperāre mix in proper proportion]
dis|tem|per2 «dihs TEHM puhr», noun, verb.
1. paint made by mixing the colors with eggs or glue instead of oil; tempera. Distemper is often used for painting on plaster walls.
2. a method of painting with such a mixture.
3. a picture painted by this method.
4. British. calcimine.
[< verb]
1. to paint in distemper.
2. to mix (colors) by the distemper method.
3. British. to calcimine.
4. Obsolete. to dilute; dissolve; soak.
[< Old French destemprer dissolve, soak < Late Latin distemperāre mix thoroughly; see etym. under distemper1 (Cf.distemper)]

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